The Doctor Who Daleks and the search for new antibiotics

The Dalek that stands guard in the reception area of BBC Broadcasting House has found to have some helpful bacteria in the swab and send project.

The project asks people to take samples from their environments and to send them off for analysis in the hope of developing new antibiotics.

Clearly the bacteria on this Dalek have not been exterminated.

You can read more about this in the online article 


Minecraft – more than a video game

Minecraft is more than a popular video game – as highlighted by the fact that computer scientists and amateurs are going to be able to use it to look at Artificial Intelligence (by July 2016). See the BBC article: Minecraft to run Artificial Intelligence Experiments 

This follows Minecraft having been made available to all Secondary Schools in Northern Ireland last year as highlighted in an Article in The Guardian: Minecraft Free For Every Secondary School in Northern Ireland. 

The Games BAFTA Awards

You may not have heard of the British Academy Games Awards which took place on 7th April 2016.  Some of the winners include Fallout 4 which won Best Game, as well as Her Story which collected three awards.  The Anime-inspired Ori and the Blind Forest  won a BAFTA for Artistic Achievement whilst the award for Best British Game went to Batman: Arkham Knight.

You can read about the other winners here on the BAFTA website 

The Guardian also notes that Independent titles dominated this years Games Awards

(link to The Guardian article).

Who sits where on BBC Breakfast

It seems like a while ago that I wrote about how television newsreaders look (Audience responses to the physical appearance of newsreaders and Newsreaders as eye candy)

When writing those articles,  I wondered if we will ever see a grey haired female newsreader to match the grey haired male newsreaders. That still seems like a long way off compared to the alleged complaint made by Louis Minchin about being ‘up-seated’ by her new, younger colleague,


Surveillance Society

So this week I was teaching Surveillance in relation to ideas surrounding the Panopticon and television (particularly reality television). (This is on my TV Times module with the third years). Then we find what has been called the snooper’s charter in the news again which reinforces ideas about electronic surveillance in our contemporary surveillance society. 

Read about the Snooper’s Charter here Guardian article