Do we judge each other by what we wear?

Yesterday was the session that I normally do with my first years about clothing, food and identities. We talk about whether we judge people on what they wear  and today I read that the Prime Minister David Cameron commented on Jeremy Corbyn’s clothing.

We also talked about people who have been in the news for wearing their pyjamas to the shops or parents wearing pyjamas whilst dropping off children at school. 

Online only. BBC Three moves online.

BBC Three has moved online. With its target audience of  around 16-24 years of age, it assumes that this is the way young people watch television. It also follows other services – such as Netflix and Amazon Prime – where whole series and box sets are available to watch.

See the BBC website  and BBC Three on YouTube



Black Power salute by Beyoncé

Beyoncé made a political statement at one of the biggest sporting events in the U.S.  – the Super Bowl. She also released a video and single called Formation with references to Hurricane Katrina and as well as to recent protests in the U.S. over police killings of unarmed young Black men.

You can read more at The Guardian, – follow the link below.