Should sports men and women be paid equally?

If we think about the history of sports, for example in football, sportsmen tended to have far more money invested in them, enabling better training and therefore more audiences wanting to watch such skill. Women, on the other hand, tended to have less money invested, and therefore less training and audiences (apart from exceptions such as Dick Kerr’s female footballers which had huge audiences but were subsequently banned from playing on League grounds by the FA).

What does less prize money for women tell women about their involvement in sports?


Who sits where on BBC Breakfast

It seems like a while ago that I wrote about how television newsreaders look (Audience responses to the physical appearance of newsreaders and Newsreaders as eye candy)

When writing those articles,  I wondered if we will ever see a grey haired female newsreader to match the grey haired male newsreaders. That still seems like a long way off compared to the alleged complaint made by Louis Minchin about being ‘up-seated’ by her new, younger colleague,


Surveillance Society

So this week I was teaching Surveillance in relation to ideas surrounding the Panopticon and television (particularly reality television). (This is on my TV Times module with the third years). Then we find what has been called the snooper’s charter in the news again which reinforces ideas about electronic surveillance in our contemporary surveillance society. 

Read about the Snooper’s Charter here Guardian article