Paper from Panda Poo

A retired teacher in China has spent two years perfecting his paper made from panda poo. The paper is made by drying panda poo, flattening it and then it gets turned into paper with a mixture of tree bark and kiwi vines. The teacher – Liu Xiadong – notes that not only is the texture great, but it has a delightful bamboo smell. This would be a good story to analyse for our Green Media module. 


Is there life on Mars?

You could be living in Mars in the future with your Mars pod built out of recycled spacecraft parts.  National Geographic will be unveiling a Mars show house on their docudrama Mars.  Mars is not as friendly an environment as Earth and so your house/pod will need to be suitably designed to keep you alive! Of course,  not all attempts to land on Mars have been successful so you might want to check out the safety protocols first!

mars show home