Ads promoting unrealistic body images banned on London Transport

From next month, according to the BBC, Sadiq Khan, the new mayor of London has pledged to ban advertisements that promote unrealistic body images on tubes, buses and trains in London. What do you think? Should such images be banned in other places as well? Do such images create anxieties about how we look? (Just one of the many different kinds of issues we explore in relation to Media and Culture)

You can read the BBC article by clicking on this link. 

How good is your grammar?

I saw this on the BBC website and thought you might find it useful/entertaining.  Suffice to say that English is  a language that seems (to me) to be full of contradictions. I see my children spelling things incorrectly because they sound correct – the joys of phonics (which didn’t work for me. I had to learn spellings by rote and memory)!

Follow the link below – if you can bear it (definitely not bare it)!!