The internet takes over!

Some recent research shows that children now spend more time online than they do watching television.  I see this with the way my own children watch television – finding shows on Netflix, or looking up videos they find interesting or funny on YouTube. 

And they do this not just on computers but ipads, ipods and smart phones!  

Even I, thanks to Netflix, can see the appeal! 

Read more about the report here BBC news education



Too much screen time is bad for us!

This study suggests that children spend too much screen time – and that this is damaging.

Having researched the influences of media on children, I think that these are similar arguments that have been made about television and children in the past.

Too much is bad for them (but not for us as parents).

What do you think?

How much is too much?

Does it effect you? (Apparently 1 extra hour at 14 years leads to 2 lower grades at GCSE – do you disagree)?

I would be interested to hear your opinions.