Social Media, conspiracy theories and authenticity

This week I have been thinking about the role that the internet plays in our lives, from our participation in social media to the changes in how we watch television. Ten years ago, we couldn’t have imagined the ways in which such technology influences us…how many of you would now be lost without your phones!

For my autistic son, it has led to him finding lots of conspiracy theories on the YouTubers that he loves to watch.  He also loves to play games, but as he is someone that needs to complete things, he spends quite a bit of time having to complete levels in the various games that he plays.

We resort to apps that turn off computers at set times, and try to challenge the conspiracy theories,  but I am sure we can all recognise how addictive these things can be. Perhaps that is why I think we are moving into a different era  – one where the search for truth or authenticity is underlying conspiracy theories and one where we have so much information that it can be hard to know what is fake and what is true.


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